The sky’s
the limit.

No two jobs are alike and no two flights are the same. Every flight has a customized approach to best suit the task at hand, whether it’s a golf course tee to green flyover in Wisconsin, a video showcasing a beautiful Bed and Breakfast in Tennessee at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, or a breath-taking home and farm on Martha’s Vineyard. One thing an amateur might not realize is that just by having a ‘drone’ in the sky does not mean they are best suited for the task at hand. Before you hire a ‘drone’ user that knows someone that knew someone that knows you, be sure to weigh your options.

Enjoy a competitive advantage
over other courses.

With our tee-to-green flyovers, your course will enjoy an enormous advantage over neighboring courses. Golf courses that offer true tee-to-green tours leave a lasting impression on potential customers. Even Members who play courses frequently can benefit from an aerial tour, as it provides a unique perspective to each and every hole.

Play the course before
you even get there.

Not only will you have a video that showcases the
clubhouse, practice facilities, and every hole but
you’ll also have each hole as an individual file for
easier website integration. Your website could
have a page dedicated to each hole with the golf
pros tips on how to best play it.


Boost your print marketing
with a beautiful still.

Since you can’t include our aerial tours into your brochures, the next best thing is a beautiful aerial photograph. Whether you want a view of the entire hole or a low altitude shot to showcase your beautiful greens we have the perfect eye for your course.

  • Low Altitude Green
  • Tee to green photo sunset
  • Entire hole beauty shot
  • Low altitude green

Your home has never
looked better.

Our goal is to create a video so stunning that you might not even want to sell your home or property. If you do decide to sell then an aerial video is by far the best way to hit the market. Previously only the wealthy could afford aerials and those aerials were only stills from a plane or helicopter. Now it’s possible to get as close or as far away as you want, all in a fully edited video.

Likelihood you'll want to keep your home or property
Effectiveness over traditional video
Cost compared to traditional aerials


Big, small, short or tall we have shot it. We got our start shooting video and photos of homes in western North Carolina. Needless to say, we can help market any home with beautiful HDR photos and or fully edited videos.


The only true way to market your land is from above and Google maps just doesn’t cut it. Potential buyers want to better understand what’s around your land. We can provide a property outline on a photograph from any angle.


Whether you have a condo in Hawaii, a B&B in Tennessee, or a cottage in Blowing Rock, NC you have to find a way to better market yourself than the rental next door. There’s no better way than aerials of the rental and surrounding areas.

Build it. Destroy it.
Fly above it.

Having an aerial perspective of your construction or deconstruction site is crucial. Before, only large scale projects could benefit from an aerial taken from a plane or helicopter let alone have the budget for it. Now, any size project can use aerials through photos or video. Take the Winkler Hall implosion for example, we were able to document before, during and after the implosion.

Duke Energy Dan River Steam Plant Implosion
D.H. Griffin Wrecking

Southend Reclaimed had a unique request. They wanted us to show the process in which they reclaim old timber and brick and make it into a compelling aerial video. We traveled to Valley, Alabama to capture the deconstruction process of Fairfax Mill to show how the large timber beams are removed. We know how important this mill was to so many people and because of that we included historic photos of the mill and its workers. Every project has a story, whether it’s new or old. There’s no better way to capture and tell the story than with Nelson Aerial Productions.

After showing what goes into reclaiming the timber and brick, Southend Reclaimed wanted us to show off some of their finished products. This unique party barn located in the northeastern part of the U.S. is nestled along an incredible golf course. One of the coolest features is the silo that is used as an office. This project is only one of several we filmed across the northeast and we look forward to sharing more with you soon.

Google Earth

Construction companies not only want to document construction progress but they also need to for insurance and liability purposes. With drone mapping, the project manager has everything he needs at the click of a mouse. Whether he or she needs to calculate how much dirt needs to be brought in and or removed, our mapping can help calculate that number. Along with calculating volumes is providing colorized DEM’s of the site to show all of the smallest changes of elevation. When a 2D view doesn’t get it done we can map in 3D providing an experience as if you were there in person. Spin the model around to check on the site from every angle. To top things off mapping on a regular basis allows us to overlay previous maps onto one another providing a true aerial progress on the site. Sometimes it takes Google years to update certain places and we can update it hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or however often you’d like. Staying on top of things….literally, is only a phone call away!

2D Mapping – ASU Medical Complex

**Look at volumes and measurements by clicking orange boxes. Also toggle elevation layer in top right.**

3D Mapping – Tractor Supply Boone, NC

Kmart Deconstruction -> Publix Construction

**Toggle layers in top right hand corner by clicking shaded squares.**


We are an aerial cinematography and photography team with a goal of telling your story the best way possible. We believe a viewer may not remember the specifics of what they see but that they will remember how they feel and we approach all of our projects with that in mind.


We are based in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina but we also love to travel the world. We are fortunate to have such an amazing place as our palette for aerial creativity. Don’t hesitate to click the contact tab to reach out to us.


With all of the negative news regarding drones, we make it our priority to take safety very serious. We are a fully insured drone company and we keep our flights within the recommended regulations of the FAA. Our safety precautions are exercised before and after every flight.